1) The college participated in the International Women’s Day prepared speech competition organised by Jubilee Memorial College on 8th March 2022

2) The NCC unit of People’s College participated in the combined annual training camp organised by 25 NL BN NCC Mokokchung district. Apili C Sangtam of 4th Semester fetched the 2nd Prize in extempore speech and consolation in solo competition.

3) The college organised a social work on 19th February 2022

4) The Evangelical Uion of People’s College organised an advent Christmas event on 24th November 2021

5) The ICEU annual meet was conducted at People’s College on 7th November 2021

6) A workshop on Skill Development under the aegis of Emporium Skills Training Institute under Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, NSDC, IISC & THSC, Govt. of India, was held on 25th March 2021 at People’s College Mokokchung. The workshop was presented for the Graduating 6thsemester students of the College.

7) On 10th April 2021, Department of Political science honours students accompanied by two subject teachers undertook a study trip to Chungliyimti village to visit Longtrok site (Longtrok meaning ‘Six Stones’) , according to local lore, the Aos originated. It was an immense opportunity for the students to gain new experience apart from the knowledge they have gained within the confines of the classroom.

8) Mokokchung District Inter- college Debate competition was held on 15th April’21 at JMC campus organised by department of Political Science, Jubilee Memorial college on the theme ‘Reservation Policy: a boon or bane in the present Naga context’. Miss Tatongmenla and Miss Rangchopila from 6th semester, People’s college, participated in the competition.

9) Departmental Seminars organised by Research Committee People’s College :

    • 28th January 2020 : Department Of Education –
              Presenters Topics
Talisangla,Asstt. Professor  H.O.D Child Labour with Special reference to Girl Child
Aomar, Asstt.Professor Effects of Mass Media with Special reference to Nagaland
    •  14th February,2020 : Department of English –
              Presenters Topics
Imtinaro, H.O.D, Asstt. Professor Language and Dialogue
Alikala, Asstt. Professor Courtship and Marriage in the Victorian Era
Rechana, Asstt. Professor An Overview of Feminist Literary Criticism

10) Emporium Training Institute, Dimapur organised a One day Seminar for 4th & 6th semester   students on hospitality, aviation and cruise-lines management on 13th February 2020 at People’s College Auditorium.

11) On 29th February 2020, two teachers and three students participated in the one day workshop held at Fazl Ali college,Mokokchung on  “Technology Intervention and Entrepreneurship” organised by IQAC Fazl Ali College in collaboration with North East Centre for Technology and Research.